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Bashir's First Tweet

by Sara Elhassan (@bsonblast)

Earlier this year, the Sudanese press announced that President Omar Al-Bashir would be launching his official Facebook and Twitter accounts. If indeed the case, September will mark the moment Bashir joins world leaders like Barack Obama and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who, with millions of followers, already have an established presence on social media.

Not to say that the president's presence hasn't been felt on these popular platforms. Besides parody accounts, a handful of twitter handles boasting his image and a variety of "official looking" bios litter the twittersphere. But their sporadic activity and ambiguous content often betray their authenticity. 

So what kind of social media user will President Bashir be? Will he adopt the first-person approach of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Or will he prefer a combination official and personal posts, as seen in Russian President Vladimir Putin's account? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, however: Sudanese social media users are anxious to see how their leader will utilize this new platform - when news broke, Sudanese twitter users shared their speculations under the hashtags #BashirsFirstTweet.  The satirical trending topic has now mysteriously disappeared off the face of twitter.